DiskStation DS214play

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รหัสสินค้า: DS214play
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1080p Full HD video transcoding

Powered by a hardware accelerated transcoding engine, DS214play features 1080p Full HD video transcoding on the fly. With 1080p lossless transcoding, you can enjoy a non-degraded version of the original movie even when the format is not supported by your player. Learn more

(Unit: MB/Sec)

Dual core CPU with floating-point unit enhances media processing

DS214play is equipped with a built-in floating-point unit which not only enhances the overall capability of the main CPU but is particularly advantageous in speeding up thumbnail creation when uploading large amounts of photos or videos. Coming with a dual core CPU and 1GB RAM, DS214play delivers an average 107.2 MB/sec reading and 108.04 MB/sec writing speed under RAID 1 configuration in a Windows® environment1.

Support for versatile storage interfaces

DS214play comes with comprehensive external storage integration, providing two SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports and one eSATA interfaces in the back, as well as one SD card and one USB 2.0 interface in the front panel, along with the Copy button that enables one-click data replication from your SD/USB device to DS214play.


DLNA Certified® media server

As a DLNA Certified® DMS (Digital Media Server), DS214play can serve as your primary media server, with the capability to host digital multimedia content for local or remote playback. Once connected to a router, DS214play streams music, photos, and videos to DLNA-compliant devices, such as DLNA TVs or gaming consoles without any pre-configuration. You can even browse and select content on DS214play using DS audio and designate a DLNA player within the same local network to play it.


Easy hard drive installation

Designed with both safety and convenience in mind, DS214play contains tool-less hard drive trays, allowing you to install 3.5" hard drives without a screw driver. Meanwhile, DS214play supports hot-swappable hard drive trays for instant and risk-free hard drive replacement.


Award winning OS - DiskStation Manager

Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM) is a sleek, browser-based operating system running on every DiskStation and RackStation, which makes managing your Synology NAS a breeze. Featuring an intuitive user interface, DSM makes accessing and sharing your data smarter and simpler. Synology's Package Center lets you download and install useful add-on packages designed specifically for individual or business needs, meaning you can enjoy more entertainment in your life or better productivity at work. Learn more


Connect your data quickly and easily

Synology aims to provide you the most convenient way to enjoy all services on DS214play. With Synology QuickConnect, you don't have to deal with difficult DDNS setup. QuickConnect frees you from complicated router configuration and port-forwarding, so your entertainment and work files can be accessed on any computer, laptop, or mobile devices instantly without extra charge. Learn more


5 great reasons you will love Synology QuickConnect QuickConnect DDNS
Customizable ID V V
Skip network configuration V X
Eliminate port forwarding V X
Open to all users V X
Works without public IP address V X

Ultimate file center

File Station is a fast and secure feature for sharing and managing your files stored on DS214play. Just drag-n-drop and upload data from Mac or PC. Advanced filters make it easy to search for documents, photos, or videos. With built-in FTP or email clients, DS214play lets you organize and share files through an advanced web application effortlessly. You can even share files and folders with others by simply sending a link. Files can be reached on mobile devices via the companion mobile app DS file. HTTPS, SSL/TLS encryption, and link expiry dates also ensure file sharing over the Internet is highly secure. Learn more


Effective backup solution

Synology DS214play can serve as a centralized backup target. Whether you are a Windows or Mac user, you can back up everything on your computer directly to Synology NAS using Cloud Station. Whenever you modify a file, the changes are backed up to DS214play automatically. Mac users also enjoy native Apple® Time Machine support. You can also back up data from your DS214play to another DiskStation, rsync servers, external drives, or even Amazon® S3, Glacier cloud service, Microsoft Azure, SFR, and hicloud. "Backup & Replication" allows you to schedule backup tasks and restore the server to any particular point in time, while minimizing storage consumption and processing time by saving only the specific data block that has been changed between versions. Learn more


Your files anywhere with cloud service

DS214play brings you comprehensive cloud service. Cloud Station lets you sync files among DiskStations and multiple devices, including Windows PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, as well as Windows mobile devices, whereas 2-way sync allows file synchronization among different DiskStations. You can even sync your DiskStation with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, hubiC, and Baidu Cloud — establish your hybrid cloud to enjoy more storage flexibility and prevent data loss. Learn more


The most compatible sharing

Enjoy seamless files sharing across Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® platforms as DS214play offers comprehensive network protocol support including FTP, SMB2, AFP, NFS and WebDAV. With Windows AD and LDAP integration, DS214play can fit effortlessly into any existing network environment - there is no need for IT administrators to maintain two sets of credentials. You also won't worry about missing files with the Recycle Bin feature which is supported on AFP, CIFS, File Station, and WebDAV. All files deleted in a shared folder will be automatically moved into the Recycle Bin. Learn more


Enjoy multimedia library

DS214play provides you a central platform to organize, backup, and share photos, music, and video collections. Featuring a streamlined and sleek interface, Synology packages — Photo Station, Audio Station and Video Station — let you build a seamless entertainment hub effortlessly. Since everything is saved on DS214play, you can enjoy more customizable content arrangement, and no worries about extra monthly fees for storage capacity. Better yet, your digital collections can be shared with others via a simple link. Learn more


Stream content to your TV

DS214play is highly compatible with other devices, letting you manage and enjoy digital content with the devices you already have: computers, mobile devices, TVs, DLNA devices, and stereos. Synology offers the latest support for TV streaming, including Samsung TV, Roku players, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast, meaning you can stream digital content stored on DS214play to your widescreen TV effortlessly. Learn more


Get mobility with our apps

Synology develops versatile mobile apps — DS note, DS audio, DS video, DS photo+, DS cloud, DS file, DS download and DS cam — allowing you to access and manage the contents of your DS214play with smartphones and tablets. QuickConnect brings an easier network experience as it eliminates complicated router configuration or port forwarding. With Synology mobile apps, your multimedia collection and work files are always on the go. Learn more

CPU Frequency Intel Atom CE5335 Dual core 1.6GHz
Flash Memory have
Memory 1GB DDR3
Hard Disk Drive 2 (Hot swapped)
Maximum Raw Capacity 16TB
USB & eSATA USB 2.0 x 1, USB 3.0 port x 2, Esata x 1
LAN 1 x Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet port
RAID Support JBOD,0,1
IP Camera Support Included 2 (up to 15 channels via optional purchase)
Warranty 2 Years


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